out from the door Dylan McDonald and the Avians have launched their first project, "Out From The Door". The album showcases Dylan's songwriting and his band, The Avians. It was released this year on Chonin Records and is available on iTunes, iTunes UK, Amazon, and CD Baby.

Although Dylan was born long after the 70's "rock opera" era, the inspiration of 70's artists is evident in this album. Dylan and the band have toured extensively with this project and are now releasing "Out From The Door" on vinyl.

Being the son of 5 time Grammy Winner, Michael McDonald and recording artist, Amy Holland (McDonald), Dylan has experienced many sides of the music business from an early age; recording, touring, songwriting, song publishing, promotions, sales, and live performances.

Dylan is currently in the studio recording his second project with his band Daniel DeMonico (guitarist), Kiel Tyler (drummer), Ryan Winkle (bass) and producer, Richard Downs.